About the Artist

In the early 1980's my husband and young son created a model railroad layout in our basement. Of course I had no interest in helping with the construction or watching the trains run around the tracks until I encountered all of the landscaping material and structure kits available on our almost weekly visit to the hobby store. I immediately purchased a few of the structure kits and was attracted to the Victorian houses. Shortly after that I was viewing an exhibit at the National Geographic Society in Washington D.C. where a magnificent 1:12 scale Colonial house by William Robertson was on display. After purchasing a book from their gift shop featuring Miniature Artisans I was "hooked". Luckily there was a local miniature store where I purchased a few pieces of furniture and got to work creating my first miniature room setting.

With my background in interior design I wanted my miniature room to look like a full size room that I would design for a client. I soon found that supplies such as wallpaper, window treatments, fabric and floor coverings were very limited. At the same time I was working in a retail design store that sold lots of wallpaper. This was the era when small "Country" prints were all the rage in full size wallpaper. After searching a few wallpaper books I found several papers that were the perfect scale for dollhouse miniatures and purchased a few rolls. If I had this problem finding supplies for my room setting I was sure others did also. Designing Ways was born. I rented a table at a small local miniature show. With my dozen wallpaper patterns cut in appropriate size pieces for miniatures and several pieces of tiny print fabric purchased at a quilt shop I was officially in the miniature business.

I continued to expand my business by adding products from other dealers and artisans that would follow my motto "Interior Design in Miniature". The goal was to offer quality miniatures at affordable prices while helping my customers decorate their room settings. Although the product selection has changed over the years my goal remains the same.

After retiring from my interior design business in Maryland in 2014 we moved to California. While continuing to sell products from other artisans, I realized that again there was a "need" that wasn't being met. I had sold dressed beds created by various artisans over the past few years but continually heard comments such as "I like the bedding set on that bed but I already have a bed" or "I like that bed but don't like the covering - can you make the bed with a different bed cover?" or "I love that bed but can't afford it right now". I wanted my customers to be able to purchase bedding for their bed in a variety of styles & colors. So in 2016 in the middle of a long hot summer (which lasts from May thru September here in Palm Springs) I decided to meet that need by creating ready-to-purchase bedding sets in styles from Modern to Elegant Traditional and everything in between. The line has now expanded to over 80 different designs and is ever changing. Yes, we can do special orders in your choice of fabrics.

Carol Moore
Designing Ways